great now can someone please make a cross-MV edit of 4minute’s “Whatcha Doin Today” and Block B’s “Jackpot”? thanks.

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김보아입니다. @boa870114

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"Just One Day" - BTS
140410 M! Countdown

I died and went to BTS heaven.

First off, I love that the dance has been toned down so the boys can really show off their vocals—Jin and V most of all. (I’m still getting over the fact that Jin is so pretty yet has an equally pretty voice~) As for the lil bitch Jimin, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish he had more lines! I suppose it all balances out with the screentime he’s gotten during other promotions though.

As for Suga and JHope… you guys already know. Imagine me melting into a puddle of warm, fuzzy feels as Suga opens, then crying at the screen whenever the camera catches JHope grinning madly. UGH this idiot, why is he so goshdarn good at being expressive? T_T When it’s JHope’s turn to rap, I’m all but covering my face and bawling my feels out. AND THAT’S JUST PART OF IT. You guys have no idea how grateful I am that my roommates are out…


Just One Day

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he did the lip bite thing…. (。・//ε//・。)

he did the lip bite thing…. (。・//ε//・。)

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i hope simon and martina realize that if they ever decide to have a baby, he or she’s going to have a fandom of their own.

hoseok looks so cute doing this dance I —  (´;Д;`)

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Hope Tree | do not edit.

Hope Treedo not edit.

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Heo Gayoon… what are you doing???

Gayoon… xDDDD

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